The Olive and the Tree

The Olive and the Tree - Life Story

For three long days and nights the rescue team dug underneath
the wreckage, pulling out bodies and remains of bodies,
hoping to save but losing hope. Three days earlier, on
November 11, 1982, the entire complex of the military government
command in the Biblical town of Tyre in south Lebanon
collapsed in a giant blast. Eventually they counted seventy-five
bodies of young soldiers, border police, and General Security
Service agents. One of the dead was Fuad Sa’ad, twenty-three, a
soldier from the Druze village of Beit Jann in Upper Galilee.
Now, twenty-three years after his death, he is sitting next to
us on the terrace of his family home in Beit Jann, very much
alive. His eyes swallow the green mountains surrounding the
village; his body drinks the fresh mountain air; and he radiates
an air of contentment. Life has been good to him. Fuad Izzi of
2005, a soldier serving in Gaza, and Fuad Sa’ad who was killed
in Tyre are one and the same. This is the belief of his family, the
parents of “the previous” Fuad, and the entire community. The
two Fuads simply switched bodies, but the soul and the spirit are the same.